Video: Without Mercy nailed heavy!

My band had won the band contest, but this our competitors don´t like so promptly one of them visited me at home. With a guitar cable he stood in front of me and accused me manipulation of these. I didn´t know what he wanted from me but he also let himself not calm down and was rude. He put the cables around my neck, choking me with it and ripped me to the ground. He fucked me brutally in the mouth while he pulled my hair and slapped me. Now he threw me on the couch, ripped down the leggings and rammed his thick rough hard cock from behind in my cunt. After he banged me hard, he pulled me down and fucked me again violently in the throat. Totally exhausted, he threw me on the couch and rammed without mercy in my tight snatch until he shot me a fat load of cum right in my face… *Extreme Roleplay* Speech Output: German

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